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Research Among Best in the World

The 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF) rated our computing research 3rd in Scotland and 22nd in the UK (out of 89 institutions). REF 2014 noted our strengths in Research Environment and Impact, where we were rated as world-leading or internationally excellent throughout. 68% of our research output was also ranked in these top two categories.

Computing at the University of Dundee is truly distinctive, and our commitment to the student experience has also seen us rated 4th in the UK for Computing by the 2014 National Student Survey. We collaborate with a broad range of groups to ensure that technological systems are built to meet the needs and aspirations of a wide variety of people. Our work benefits society and helps to enhance the lives of many individuals.

Our focus on two areas of internationally leading excellence – Human Centred Computing and Intelligent Systems – equips us to contribute to a diverse range of fields, including: assistive technologies and inclusive design, space technology, argumentation, computer vision and image processing. These are just a few areas that structure our research and its postgraduate and undergraduate portfolios. Work in these fields often involves enriching interdisciplinary collaboration with students and researchers from areas such as biomedical and clinical sciences, creative arts and the Centre for Anatomy and Human Identification (CAHID).

Our focus on these two areas means that Computing at the University of Dundee plays a vital role in addressing real world problems. Our staff and students have a particular ability to respond to the ever-changing needs of people, formulating unique and effective solutions. This has led to the rich array of partnerships that we have across the University, as well as nationally and internationally. Our very interactive approach to learning and teaching is genuinely research-led: modules from Levels 1 to Level 5 (MSc) are led and taught by our professors and lecturers whose work is acclaimed as internationally excellent.

Latest News

Computing @ Dundee achieves high rankings in NSS 2016

Friday 19 August 2016


Computing programmes at the University of Dundee have again been rated very highly in the National Student Survey. 97% of our students agreed that they were satisfied overall with the quality of the course, ranking us 1st in Scotland and 3rd in the UK.

Pokémon GO! features first came together in Dundee

Friday 22 July 2016


Pokémon GO! is the latest craze to sweep the world of mobile gaming apps, but its main features may have first come together in a game developed at the University of Dundee. The Pokémon game combines the concepts of location-awareness (the game knows where the player in the world) and augmented reality (blending the live images from the mobile phone's camera with creatures created by the app itself) to give the player the feeling that their phone can be used a detector to find the virtual creatures in the real world and "catch" them.

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