REF 2014 - Key Facts

The national Research Evaluation Framework is conducted every 6 years to assess the quality of research in higher education institutions in the UK. In the most recent REF, conducted in 2014:

  • The University of Dundee’s School of Computing was ranked 3rd in Scotland and 22nd in the UK out of 89 institutions
  • The School was ranked 18th in the UK for the proportion of its research that was rated 4*, meaning 'world-leading'
  • The School’s Impact on the world outside of academia - including the development of space technology and systems to help disabled people - was rated a combination of 'world-leading' and 'internationally excellent' - the two highest ratings available:
    • our extensive programme of space research has led to the establishment of a spin out company, STAR-Dundee, which has developed technology that is now being used on over $15 billion worth of spacecraft
    • our research on augmentative and alternative communication has led to widespread international uptake of our methods and technologies for helping non-speaking people to communicate
  • The School’s Research Environment received the same high grading, ranking 2nd in Scotland and 10th in the UK – making it one of the top places in the UK to further a career in research
  • 22% of the School’s research outputs, including papers published in academic journals, were graded 4*, meaning 'quality that is world-leading in terms of originality, significance and rigour'
  • 46% of the School’s research outputs were graded 3*, meaning 'quality that is internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour'
  • All other School research outputs were of 'quality that is recognised internationally in terms of originality, significance and rigour'

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