MSc in Information Technology and International Business

This postgraduate degree, run in partnership with Business staff, is designed for graduates in subjects other than Computing or Economics/Business who feel that a postgraduate degree combining IT with Business would be a relevant and marketable addition to their existing qualifications.

Industry and commerce have an increasing need for IT-enabled decision makers and business-aware IT professionals. This postgraduate degree is designed to meet that need. The degree aims to give students a firm grounding in the knowledge, skills and understanding of computing, software development and the global business environment.

The course runs from 10 September 2018 until 9 September 2019.

It consists of six taught modules over two semesters, with an examination for each unit.
Please note that (i) some of the modules in the programme are shared with other M.Sc. programmes and (ii) some of the teaching and resources may be shared with a B.Sc. programme. These joint classes offer a valuable opportunity to learn from, and discuss the material with, other groups of students with different backgrounds and perspectives.

Students then progress (subject to examination performance) to the MSc project which runs from May to September.


The six taught modules will consist of four computing modules and two economics/business modules, chosen as follows:

Computing modules from
- Software Development*
- Software Engineering*
- Technology Innovation Management
- Database Systems*
- Human Computer Interaction

Business modules from
- Corporate Finance
- Performance Management and Reporting
- Operations Management and Change
- Business Accounting for Non-specialists
- Principles of Marketing Practice
- International Business Strategy
- Customer Experience Design
- Human Resource Management Strategies
- Marketing Management and Strategy
- Strategic Management Accounting
- Managing People and Organisations
- Media, Brands and Digital Marketing
- Strategic Management and Organisational Analysis
- Project Management Processes in the Natural Resources Sector
- International Human Resource Management

MSc Project
The aim of the project is to give the student experience in carrying out an independent project involving significant software development, which is the culmination of the year of study in Information Technology and International Business. You will gain experience in:

* Researching, analysing, specifying, designing, coding, testing and evaluating your own project.
* Producing a practical solution to a real and unfamiliar research-based problem using a disciplined approach to software creation.
* Working in a research environment
* Independent organisation of your own work
* Project planning
* Time management
* Report writing
* Project meetings
* Communication and presentation

Entry Requirements

For entry requirements and funding options please see the online prospectus page

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