BSc (Honours) Computing Science

Have you ever wondered:

  • How they fit so many songs on your iPod?
  • How you can safely get money from your bank account from any ATM in the country?
  • How millions of computers work together to form the internet without anyone in charge?
  • How Google keeps track of every page on the internet and searches them all in a fraction of a second?
  • How you interact with the 3D world of Zelda: Twilight Princess on the Wii by waving a controller around?

The answer to all these questions can be found through doing a degree in Computing Science. Computing Science is not programming. It is about solving problems with computer programs.

Computing scientists do not deal with just the hardware that runs software, or just the organization that makes use of the information that computing can provide. They care about everything in between those areas. They design and develop all types of software from the large banking system which allows money to be sent internationally, to the small bit of software which identifies your iPod when you attach it to your laptop.

However, Computing Science is definitely not all about sitting at a computer programming all day. To be a successful computing scientist requires many skills other than programming. For a start you have to communicate with other people regularly. If you are working for a large organisation you will be writing software as a team and you will have to communicate with your other team members regularly in order for the project to be successful.

You also need an understanding of mathematical concepts and a logical mind. If you enjoy doing Sudoku puzzles or playing Professor Layton in your spare time, then Computing Science may well be the degree choice for you.

Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be a geek to be a computing scientist. You do not have to live, eat, and breathe computing to be a good computing scientist. You can have a life, relationships, a family, in fact these things can make you a better computing scientist!


The BSc Computing science offers a mix of Mathematics and computing science modules.

In level 1, you take modules in Software Development (using Java), Data structures and Algorithtms, WWW Authoring, Argumentation or Physical Computing, as well as basic maths (2 courses).

In level 2, you study a range of modules featuring C, C++, Algorithms & Artificial Intelligence, Object-oriented Analysis and Design, Computer Systems 2A and 2B, Multi-paradigm Programming & Data Structures, and Topics in Pure Mathematics.

In Level 3, you study Agile Software Engineering, Games Programming, Networks and Data Communications, Theory of Computation, Database Systems, and Secure Internet Programming.

Level 4 involves a module in Research Topics & Applications and one or more modules from a set that currently including Graphics, Computer Vision, Multimedia Audio, or Data and Technology Innovation Management. Finally, your fourth year involves an 18 week individual project resulting in an end-of-year report and demonstration.

Entry Requirements

For entry requirements and funding options please see the online prospectus page

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