BSc (Honours) Applied Computing (Games)

This is a Widening Access programme designed in collaboration with Dundee College. Level 1 is co-curriculum and combines an HNC at Dundee College with two University of Dundee modules (Data Visualisation and Physical Computing). Levels 2-4 are exclusively in the University of Dundee.

computer on wooden desk, screen displaying a colourful game, and computer surrounded by game controllers

The programme will provide you with a broad-based working knowledge and understanding of applied computing and software development, with a particular focus on computer games development and the computer games industry.


Level 1 (taught in collaboration with Dundee College)

Modules taught at Dundee College:

  • Operating systems 1
  • Computer planning
  • Computer architecture
  • Project management
  • Group graded unit 1
  • Publishing on the web
  • Web design: an introduction
  • Software development: structured programming
  • Software development: array data structures

Modules taught at the University of Dundee:

  • Data Visualisation
  • Physical Computing

One day a week will be spent at the University of Dundee's City Campus.

Level 2 - University of Dundee

  • Algorithms and AI
  • Object Oriented Analysis & Design
  • IT project
  • Multi-paradigm programming and data structures
  • Computer Systems 2A
  • Computer Systems 2B

Level 3

Compulsory modules:

  • Agile software engineering
  • Games programming
  • HCI and usability engineering
  • Programming for the internet
  • Networks and Data Communications

Optional modules:

  • Database systems
  • Computing the user experience
  • Theory and computation
  • Mathematics: statistics and probability

Level 4

Compulsory modules:

  • Individual Project
  • Team project
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia Audio
  • Technology Innovation
  • Management Research Frontiers

Optional modules:

  • Work placement

Entry Requirements

For entry requirements and funding options please see the online prospectus page

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