MSc in Computing

This postgraduate degree is a flexible programme designed for graduates who wish to widen and/or deepen their knowledge of computing.

The course runs from 10 September 2018 until 9 September 2019.

It consists of six taught modules over two semesters, with an examination for each unit. Please note that (i) some of the modules in the programme are shared with other M.Sc. programmes and (ii) some of the teaching and resources may be shared with a B.Sc. programme. These joint classes offer a valuable opportunity to learn from, and discuss the material with, other groups of students with different backgrounds and perspectives.


The six taught modules will be chosen from topics such as the following:

Computing modules from
- Software Development*
- Software Engineering*
- Technology Innovation Management
- Computer Graphics
- Computer Vision*
- Big Data Analysis
- User Experience
- Database Systems*
- Advanced Programming Techniques*
- Human Computer Interaction
- Information Security
- Computing Research Frontiers
- Research Methods
- Agile Engineering

You will make module selections with your advisor, and this will be partially dictated by your background and previous study. Modules marked * may be required or not available depending on an individual student’s background in computing.

Students then progress (subject to examination performance) to the MSc project which runs from May to September.

Entry Requirements

For entry requirements and funding options please see the prospectus page at

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