Zehnab Afzal

Hometown: Dundee, Scotland

Course: MSc in Applied Computing

"The best part was the learning curve. I like to be challenged!" - Zehnab Afzal

The MSc in Applied Computing greatly exceeded Zehnab's expectations:

“In a good way, it has been very different to how I thought it would be. I’ve enjoyed it even more than my undergraduate degree. Everybody in the department is very approachable and there’s a great collaborative ethos.”

Zehnab’s MSc project involved designing a website with an online booking system for a tennis coach. She gained good experience of working closely with a client to meet their expectations of a brief. Zehnab enjoyed the intensity of the MSc in Applied Computing and has learnt a lot throughout the duration of her course:

“The best part was the learning curve. I like to be challenged! I came to this course with no background in computing, no experience of coding and now I’ve developed an entire website. The course has definitely been worthwhile.”

Zehnab plans to pursue a career that combines her finance and IT experience.

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