Lyuben Todorov

Lyuben Todorov

Hometown: Bulgaria

Course: BSc (Honours) Applied Computing

"The course gave me a great insight into what the industry is looking for" - Lyuben Todorov

“I am a big data developer. I work with Cassandra and other leading-edge technologies.

“My day-to-day involves working with extremely large systems. When there’s stuff that normal databases can’t handle they call us in and help them scale their stuff. We work with banks and other analytical companies. Car companies, for example, as sensors in modern cars collect a huge amount of data.

“There was a very specific course on big data which I studied in my final year. It’s been developed even further – I’m still in contact with the tutor. The course gave me a great insight into what industry is looking for and what the next hot technology will be. They just knew the way software development would turn. They saw a pattern which pointed towards big data. Everyone uses big data now. Everyone.

“I came in with quite low grades and I left with a first class degree. They give you a chance.

“Student life in Dundee will treat you well. It’s quite a small town, so it’s easy to get around and it’s friendly too. It’s the perfect combination of scale and things you can go and do.”

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