Giang Nguyen Truong

Hometown: Lahore, Vietnam

Course: BSc (Honours) Applied Computing

"I love it here, it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had!" - Giang Nguyen Truong

Giang is studying the BSc in Applied Computing. He was compelled to apply to the University of Dundee after his friend told him about the fantastic experience he had whilst studying here. Although Dundee is very different to Vietnam, Giang has enjoyed the change of scene:

“Dundee might be a small city but there is lots to do! It’s been great studying here and I’ve made really good friendships. Me and my friends all hang out together and help each other out with course work. Life in my hometown in Vietnam is very busy and people are always rushing around, but life here is relaxed and calm. My student halls were only five minutes from the School of Computing which was great for getting up in the morning. I love it here, it’s been the best experience I’ve ever had!”

As somebody who enjoys programming, Giang has found the BSc in Applied Computing very stimulating. He has been amazed by the sense of community within the School of Computing, and was particularly pleased by the strong the communication channel between students and staff. Giang said:

“I really enjoy programming and I get to do a lot of this as part of my course. If you are good at logic, then you will definitely enjoy the BSc in Applied Computing. The lecturers are all very helpful and there’s a great culture between students and staff. Staff are always open to help and whenever I’ve encountered any obstacles during the course, I’ve just sought guidance from a lecturer who helps me to overcome the problem. There is a great level of respect between the student and staff.”

Giang has also been impressed by the vibrant social life that the University of Dundee offers. He said:

“There is a great amount of entertainment options for students. There are loads of sports clubs and societies available, including activities like skydiving which I’d never even thought would be an option at university!”

After completing his BSc in Applied Computing, Giang plans to pursue a career in computing. He has enjoyed his undergraduate degree so much that he is also considering further study in computing.

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