Intelligent Systems

Intelligent Systems covers the School's research in intelligent computation, from algorithmic and fundamental computational techniques through to the implementation of those techniques in software and hardware in some very demanding environments. One of the most challenging such environments is space, where radiation and high cost of failure make robust communications and reasoning systems essential. The Intelligent Systems group has developed SpaceWire, which is now is used by European Space Agency in Europe, RosCosmos in Russia, JAXA in Japan and NASA in the US.

Human Centred Computing

Human Centred Computing covers the School's socio-technical expertise in the design, implementation, deployment and evaluation of technology with and for specific user groups. This includes the socially disadvantaged, older users, those in long-term or intensive care, and those with disabilities. The research group hosts a number of user groups who meet in the School’s User Centre allowing students and researchers the unique opportunity to engage with older adults and people with disabilities on a regular basis.

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