Son finds father’s ‘Branksy’ on campus

Branksy graffito on MicroCentre wall

17 September 2018

A University of Dundee technician was astonished to find a Bansky-esque tag of his father’s name in the foundations of a demolished building.

Derek Brankin, Computer Systems Officer in the School of Science and Engineering, said his father’s graffiti, which is more than 50 years old, caught his eye as he walked through campus past the Microcentre building which has just been demolished.

He said, “I knew my father had worked on the Microcentre building when it was being built - he was a painter at the time - but he never told me he had left his mark!

“The area uncovered by the demolition has revealed a wall panel in the boiler room of the Microcentre where the ‘Branksy’ still sits to this day.”

Derek sent photos of the graffiti to his father, who is now 82 years old. He said he remembered that particular job very well.

Sandy Brankin said, “I was painting there in December of 1960. I was only eight months married and was 'payed-off' on Hogmanay night. So I thought I’d leave a wee reminder.”

The University’s Microcentre originally used to teach biological sciences, it then became the Microcomputer Centre; after Computing moved to the new Queen Mother Building in 2005, it housed the Music department and offices. It has recently been demolished as part of wider campus redevelopment.

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