Argument leads to agreement with the BBC

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11 October 2017

The Centre for Argument Technology (ARG-tech) within Computing@Dundee has signed an agreement with the BBC to deliver a suite of argument technology to be piloted in conjunction with BBC programming:

  • a special edition of the Moral Maze on BBC Radio 4 broadcast at 8pm on 11 October (repeated on 14 October)
  • a one-off TV debate hosted by Anne Robinson and broadcast at 9pm on Monday 16 October on BBC2
  • a further episode of the Moral Maze from the BBC Archive

All of these will be tackling the issue of abortion on the occasion this month of the 50th anniversary of the Abortion Act in the UK.

Following a decade of collaboration between ARG-tech and BBC Radio 4's Moral Maze, this new agreement will see funding of work to prepare three exciting new argument technology applications. First, a set of argument analytics to be published on the Moral Maze website will give audiences an insight into the debate, and a web page on BBC Radio 4 will use them to offer tips on how to improve their own arguments. We will also be livetweeting some of the analytics as the programmes are aired. Second, BBC Taster will host ‘Test Your Argument’ for users to try their hand at building better arguments. And thirdly, ARG-tech will host ‘Debater,’ a system that allows users to take on the role of the chair of the Moral Maze and recreate their own new debates.

For more information, check out an article commissioned by the BBC as a part of their Expert Network (at and also ARG-tech’s own website at

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