Computing group showcases painting with eyes technology

General view of the event in progress

21 August 2017

A team from the University of Dundee's Augmentative and Alternative Communication Research Group took part in a sell-out event at the National Museum Scotland in Edinburgh recently. The group, who were there alongside acts currently performing at the capital's Fringe Festival, wowed audiences with demonstrations of an eye gaze system that allows people to work on a computer by just looking at it. Vistors had the opportunity to use the system to channel their inner artist and create their own Jackson Pollock-style picture by using just their eyes.

Rolf Black, who helped to create the software for the evening's event, explained: “Eye gaze can be used by people who are otherwise not able to use a computer due to a physical impairment, caused for example by locked-in syndrome, motor neuron disease or cerebral palsy. But non-disabled users will also benefit from the technology - in the near future, eye gaze access technology will be incorporated in versions of MS Windows."

The group's attendance at the event was made possible through a grant from the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council UK as part of their Telling Tales of Engagement scheme. More events at the National Museum Scotland will follow in 2018.

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