Baldragon Academy wins the 2016 Strathmore Trophy

Strathmore Trophy 2016

28 June 2016

The Strathmore Trophy competition has been running at the University of Dundee since 1996 and encourages pupils from all over Scotland to compete to solve a computing problem.

This year, teams were asked to consider a real life problem and solve it by designing a smartwatch application. Each team created a poster to sell their idea and an interactive prototype using the software, Processing.

16 teams from secondary schools from all over Scotland took part in the competition, which gave the pupils two hours to complete their ideas.

Dr Iain Murray, computing lecturer from the University of Dundee and organiser of the Strathmore Trophy competition said, "This event is now in its 21st year, and its popularity shows that an interest in Computing in schools is continuing to grow. The competition produced many excellent presentations and superb smartwatch concepts, but Baldragon's shone out."

Elise Kidd, a pupil in the winning team from Baldragon Academy said, “It’s really good and exciting, to win this trophy is very unexpected.”

Mary, Countess of Strathmore, donated the trophy which was then presented to the winning team by Ken Forbes from the British Computer Society.

Dr Rachel Menzies from the University of Dundee said, “The Strathmore Trophy competition was a wonderful day, they learned a lot in two hours and we were really impressed."

The University of Dundee would also like to thank the sponsors Strathmore Water and the British Computer Society.

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