Games show 2013

19 November 2013

Students from the University of Dundee’s School of Computing made e an impression on potential employers when they met with representatives of established computer games companies earlier in November.

As part of their coursework, third-year Applied Computing and Computing Science students have been learning how to apply software engineering concepts to computer games. This culminated in them designing and creating their own games, which they demonstrated at the ‘Industry Spotlight on Student Games’ event.

The annual showcase enables students to receive feedback from senior industry figures that will help them write games to a professional standard. Representatives from games companies and other organisations met with the students, providing them with tips and hints and advising them how to develop their ideas further.

Some of the professionals they were meeting were themselves graduates of the Applied Computing programme at Dundee. This year, students were allowed to choose which platform they create for, so games written for the PC, iPad, iPhone, Xbox 360, Windows Phone and android devices were premiered at the event.

Among the student exhibiting were:

• Jekabs Stikans who has written an addictive puzzle game for the iPad.
• Ron Schonenberg is the first student to write a game for the windows phone
• Jade Woodward has written a game targeted at the very specialised market of teaching children with autism.

Dr Karen Petrie, from the University’s School of Computing, said she was sure the industry representatives were impressed by what they saw, and were indulging in some talent-spotting.

“It was a great opportunity for students to meet with potential employers and made an impression on them,” she said.

“The students have done a really fantastic job and the standard of games created is fantastic. They can only improve with the feedback they received receive from professionals from within the computer games industry.”

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