Industrial Advisory Board

Our Industrial Advisory Board reviews both the teaching and research of the department and is an integral part of our planning processes for our new and continually evolving degrees. The Board contributes in many other ways, including advising about summer work placements, presenting guest lectures to students, and providing visits to their organizations. The Board comprises representatives from blue chip, SME companies, local authorities and professional organisations.

Meetings take place at least three times a year. Each meeting begins with an update from the Discipline Lead of Computing to Board Members on the teaching and research activities in the preceding months. Typically there is then discussion about one or two contemporary issues that the Board can advise the School about. Topics have included specific comment on draft documentation for new/updated courses, review material or School strategy, for example. We have also had extremely useful wide ranging discussions on issues such as standardization of degrees and the best ways of integrating industrial input into the degree programme.

Our Industrial Advisory Board Meetings are extremely valued by Computing@Dundee. Senior members of staff attend the meetings, and then lunch and presentations offer the Board the opportunity to meet other members of the staff and students.

Currently, members of our IAB include:

Alistair Forbes, KILTR (Chair)

Drew Bryce, AVIit

Gameelah Ghafoor, NCR

Josie Goodale, CISCO

Richie McBride, Edesix

Roger Harry, Circle IT

Polly Purvis, ScotlandIS

John Richards, IBM

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