Business Partnerships

Computing@Dundee ensures that students acquire a great understanding of industry and a strong skills set, making our graduates highly sought after by leading employers. During the academic year, several businesses cooperate with us to provide assignments, teaching, materials, and additional seminars to enhance our students' experience. The high calibre of work produced by our students means that industry representatives frequently attend student showcase events. This industrial engagement is ingrained in our teaching programmes and our strong ties with businesses facilitates invaluable networking opportunities for our students. Our programmes are accredited by the British Computer Society (BCS), which noted at our last visit that it was "impressed by the active links with industry and the strong evidence that it was feeding into the curriculum".

Throughout their time here, students can expect to work with industrial representatives on a regular basis. Students experience guest lectures from those in industry and are expected to provide software solutions to industrial problems, interfacing to their customers face-to-face. Local company NCR are strong supporters of the programme, regularly providing projects for both undergraduates and postgraduates and supporting our very best students with awards.

One of our taught modules, Technology Innovation Management, stems from this industrial engagement and provides students with an experiential learning opportunity of product management. It emphasises the importance of viewing degrees in an industrial context. All our undergraduate students have the opportunity to sit for this module in their fourth year of studies.

Computing@Dundee works with local employers to upskill their workforce and attract and retain talent though our Graduate Level Apprenticeship Programmes. These offer students a combination of work-based and academic learning whilst in employment with local employers.

Ensuring that our students graduate as highly employable individuals, is a priority across the University of Dundee. Our continual collaboration with industry plays an integral part in preparing our students for a successful and fulfilling career in their chosen field.

  • "The fact that ... Computing have taken the unique step of incorporating product management and marketing into the course is nothing short of visionary." - Eddie Sinnott, Wolfson Microelectronics
  • " ideal way to provide the high-quality graduates with the right combination of skills and expertise which companies in Scotland need." - Head of Marketing, Bloxx

Some of our current and recent collaborators include:

    CIRCA Connect Ltd
    KITE Innovation Ltd (through a KTP)
    Liberty Art Fabrics of London
    NHS Tayside (through a KTP)
    Optos plc
    Signpost International

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