Research Seminar: Dr. Parminder Singh Reel

Date: 31 May 2017

Time: 12:00 - 13:00

Location: Wolfson Lecture Theatre, Computing, Queen Mother Building

Host: Professor Emanuele Trucco

We are very pleased to announce this forthcoming seminar with Dr. Parminder Reel from the Health Informatics Centre here at the University.

Title: Integrative analysis of multi-omics data

Abstract: High-throughput bio-experimental technologies generate increasingly massive and complex ‘omics’ datasets (e.g. proteomics and metabolomics). The integration of various omics for analysis provides a powerful strategy in understanding the complex and multi-dimensional biological interactions. This talk will discuss the challenges in multi-omics integration and how machine learning methods effectively integrate multiple data types and find the most prominent features to perform class prediction. It will discuss some results of the SUMMIT project ( data from Dundee region and few publically available multi-omics data.

It also aims to touch upon the emerging field of radiomics (also called image-omics), which proposes to extract quantitative features from medical images and explore their integration with other omics.

Bio: Dr. Parminder Singh Reel is a postdoctoral researcher in the Health Informatics Centre, University of Dundee based at Ninewells Hospital. Parminder did his bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from Barkatullah University, India and received a national award for his final year project. He received British Chevening Scholarship to pursue MSc in Telecommunications & Information Systems from the University of Essex. Later, he was awarded DLR-OU Chartered scholarship to work towards his PhD in multimodal medical image registration from The Open University, Milton Keynes. During his PhD, he was nominated for international internship program at National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo. He has been a visiting researcher at German Aerospace Centre, Berlin. He also received the IET Postgraduate Engineering Award for his PhD work.

In the past, Parminder worked as an Assistant Professor at Thapar University, India, where he established a video & image processing lab and secured government funding for various student STEM projects. The student projects under his guidance have won Golden Jubilee Project National Award by Indian Defence R&D Organisation and have been showcased at Lockheed Martin Center for Innovation, USA.

He is presently working on data-driven modelling approaches for biomarker identification and discovery for ENSAT-HT Project (


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