Islem Rekik

Dr Islem Rekik


Office 2.18 QMB
Tel +44 (0)1382 384908
Address Dr Islem Rekik
Computing - Queen Mother Building
University of Dundee
Scotland, UK
About Me

I am a lecturer within Computing at the University of Dundee. Previously, I was a postdoctoral research scholar at the University of North Carolina (IDEA lab) following a PhD in "Neuroimaging and Computer Sciences" from the University of Edinburgh in 2014. My research work aims to infuse advanced machine-learning and computer vision methods into big neuroimaging and signal data analysis with the aim of improving healthcare and wellbeing. In particular, I am interested in understanding both normal and abnormal brain development and aging, as well as modelling and predicting brain diseases and disorders evolution (e.g. stroke, tumours, Alzheimer's disease).

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