David Farquhar

Mr David Farquhar

Honorary Lecturer

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Email David.Farquhar@workplacesystems.com
Office N/A
Tel +44 (0)1382 384151
Address Mr David Farquhar
c/o Computing
University of Dundee
Scotland, UK
About Me

David has more than 20 years’ global enterprise software experience and has held CEO positions in 6 companies which have ranged in size from mid-market to start-up and has built highly successful international management teams across the world. He has also been Executive Chairman and Non-Executive Director on more than 10 boards.

David has significant experience of seed, angel and venture capital fund-raising and has been involved in numerous company sales and MBOs.

In his spare time he’s a mountaineer who loves great food, micro-brewed beer and retro music.

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