Our Research Facilities

The main research facilities within the Queen Mother Building are:

Wolfson Theatre (ground floor)

Although it looks like a conventional lecture theatre with 55 seats, closer inspection shows that the Wolfson Theatre is actually a unique research facility. It was designed primarily to support the gathering of user requirements, especially through the use of drama. Mini-plays demosntrating the use of proposed software can be performed on the stage area, and stakeholders in the seating area can comment on the researchers' understanding of the domain and real users. The theatre is equipped with numerous cameras and microphones which can record proceedings (both on the stage and in the audience) at the press of a button.

User Centre (ground floor)

The user centre is generally used as an internet cafe by our group of special users, but can also be used as a research lab and for demonstrations.

View a slideshow about the 10th anniversary of the User Centre in September 2016.

Space Technology Centre (Nethergate)

The School's space research takes place at the Space Technology Centre, which is about 5 minutes walk from the Queen Mother Building.

Satellite Receiving Station (Ewing Building)

The Space Technology Centre operates the Satellite Receiving Station on the top floor of the Ewing Building, which is about 2 minutes walk from the Queen Mother Building.

Other Facilities

Many of the main research groups have their own research spaces within the QMB, and individual researchers also have their own desk space and research areas throughout the building.

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